10 Great Ideas to Start DIY Hanging Chair

Hanging chair or hammock chair is the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon or lounge in the heavenly shade of a tree. They are ideal to unwind, relax and be in harmony amidst nature or the great outdoors after a long day at work.

Making your own DIY Hanging Chair is pretty easy at home, even though it might sound like a challenging task. Trust us! You can very quickly make a creative and comfortable hanging chair in your favorite spot. Read on to discover the top 10 hanging chairs on this post!

1. Tape It & Paint It

Tape It & Paint It

Image: designlovefest

This hanging chair is literally as easy as it sounds. All you need to do is tape it and paste it to make a hanging chair in your yard. The best thing about this hanging chair is that you can get creative and paint it according to your fancy. So, get creative with DesignLoveFest!

2. A Beautiful Mess Hammock Chair

Beautiful Mess Hammock Chair

Image: abeautifulmess

This independent hammock chair is perfect to create a cozy corner in the house to read, relax and unwind. You can also hang it on the front porch to take in the sun, or it can serve as a quiet, little retreat from the disturbance and chaos of the house.

Learn how to make one of these at A Beautiful Mess!

3. Stud in The Wall Swing Bench

Stud in The Wall Swing Bench

Image: manditremayne

This hanging chair or bench is a kids’ delight that creates a quiet kids corner in a part of the house. In addition, it can fix to the wall so that children less than five years old can easily utilize it without any danger of falling.

Not just for kids, but it can prove to be a great place for adult to enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings. Check it out at
Mandi Tremayne!

4. Sunny Daze Hammock Swing

Sunny Daze Hammock Swing

Image: soyouthinkyourecrafty

So You Think You’re Crafty brings this easy to make hammock swing tutorial, so that you can create your own piece of heaven at home without having to pay for it. It requires a few materials and you can make one of these in no time at all!

5. Canvas Style Swing

Canvas Style Swing

Image: onesassyhousewife

This hanging chair does exactly as it advertises – it swings! And not just that, it is a super comfortable hammock chair that you can hang in your backyard or garden and doze off while reading a book.

One Sassy Housewife teaches you how making this heavenly hanging chair for you.

6. DIY Hanging Macrame Chair

DIY Hanging Macrame Chair

Image: classyclutter

Now add a bit of style and elegance to your home with this easy DIY Hanging Macrame Chair by Classy Clutter! French words are just as sexy as this hanging cum hammock chair! This is the perfect place to blend DIY and design.

7. Hanging Hammock Chair

Hanging Hammock Chair

Image: thechroniclesofhome

The Chronicles Of Home brings this perfect DIY hanging hammock chair that is designed to enhance the look of any space. It is the perfect winter spot to relax and rejuvenate yourself after a long day at work.

8. DIY Hanging Lounge Chair

DIY Hanging Lounge Chair

Image: themerrythought

When you mix a hanging chair and a lounge chair, the results are bound to be terrific! The Merry Thought brings this easiest DIY hanging lounge chair that you can make in a matter of minutes.

With the right tools and material, now making a lounge hanging chair has never been easier!

9. Rope Hanging Chair

Rope Hanging Chair

Image: cutoutandkeep

Next on the list is this rope hanging chair that is as comfortable as it looks. The best part about this innocuous little hammock chair from Cutout And Keep is that it can fit into any space inside your home and is super easy to make too.

10. Baby and Toddler Swing DIY

Baby and Toddler Swing DIY

Image: abeautifulmess

A Beautiful Mess is back on the list with its hanging chair cum swing for babies and toddlers. It gives them something to do and for you to take some time off of childcare.


DIY is always a great idea because it saves you money and also you know it is of great quality because you’re the one making it! Moreover, with these DIY hanging chair, now’s the time to bond with your kids!