14 Ideas To Make Book Shelves

When we talk about why so many people love to make book shelves by themselves and placing them in their living room. If you ever go to visit someone’s place where their house was decorated with the cool furniture that made that particular place unique.

You may love that style and some time you may want to have your own home like them, right? Some of furniture to use for decorations maybe a chair, table, couch, mat and vase.

However, often times the bookshelf also a great furniture that makes your home look beautiful and orderly.

In this article, we will present you the amazing ideas up to 14 different and unique bookshelves that add quality along with unique style. Most of these bookshelves are designed in a way that is convenient for you.

Some of these bookshelves include a hanging fabric shelves, tree bookshelf, colorful shelf, wall shelf, and many more. You can find something that impresses since each of these bookshelves can appeal to people of all ages and gender.

See all 14 homemade bookshelves listed in below, you can choose some project that you think it’s easy for you and click on the link below the picture to read a full project tutorial.

1. Crates And Reclaimed Pallet Bookshelf

Crates And Reclaimed Pallet Bookshelf

Image By: Crates And Reclaimed Pallet Bookshelf

2. DIY Cloud Bookshelf Ledges

DIY Cloud Bookshelf Ledges

Image By: DIY Cloud Bookshelf Ledges

3. Pallet Wood Bookshelf

Pallet Wood Bookshelf

Image By: Pallet Wood Bookshelf

4. DIY Tree Bookshelf

DIY Tree Bookshelf

Image By: DIY Tree Bookshelf

5. Hanging Fabric Shelves

Hanging Fabric Shelves

Image By: Hanging Fabric Shelves

6. Rustic Wood Bookshelf

Rustic Wood Bookshelf

Image By: Rustic Wood Bookshelf

7. Rope Bridge Bookshelf

Rope Bridge Bookshelf

Image By: Rope Bridge Bookshelf

8. DIY Floating Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves

Image By: DIY Floating Shelves

9. DIY Invisible Bookshelves

DIY Invisible Bookshelves

Image By: DIY Invisible Bookshelves

10. DIY Colorful Bookshelf

DIY Colorful Bookshelf

Image By: Colorful Bookshelf

11. DIY Wall Bookshelves

DIY Wall Bookshelves

Image By: Wall Bookshelves

12. DIY Circle Bookshelves

DIY Circle Bookshelves

Image By: DIY Circle Bookshelves

13. Heavy Duty Bookshelf

Heavy Duty Bookshelf

Image By: Heavy Duty Bookshelf

14. Chalkboard Cubby Shelf

Chalkboard Cubby Shelf

Image By: Chalkboard Cubby Shelf