17 Simple and Amazing Bookshelf Plans

Looking for easy bookshelf plans? Well, worry no more. You are come to the right place. Any book or website maybe tell you that finding innovative ways to display and store books can be just as charming of the arts.

And although you are the person who love for reading a lot of books and need to high budget to buy a bookshelf for storing and displaying the books. Designing and building your own bookcase is an easy project and you can easily build it to store your book, this way will save your a lot budget.

To give you an idea about the different bookshelf plans available,this guide presents you 17 simple but alluring bookcase designs to choose from. The designs are not only in a wide array of sizes and styles but they are also inexpensive to build and will fulfil your home space.

So be sure to go through all of them to find the best one for your room. Once you are done, you can figure out how you will arrange the books by subject, date, author, title and so on. Once you have found the best fit for you, just click the link on below image to read all step tutorials. Let start!

1. Toscana Bookshelf

Toscana Bookshelf

Image By: Toscana Bookshelf

2. Kentwood Bookshelf

Kentwood Bookshelf

Image By: Kentwood Bookshelf

3. DIY Library Shelving

DIY Library Shelving

Image By: DIY Library Shelving

4. Rustic X Bookshelf

Rustic X Bookshelf

Image By: Rustic X Bookshelf

5. Crates Bookshelf

Crates Bookshelf

Image By: Crates Bookshelf

6. Tree Bookshelf DIY

Tree Bookshelf DIY

Image By: Tree Bookshelf DIY

7. Rustic DIY Bookshelf

Rustic DIY Bookshelf

Image By: Rustic DIY Bookshelf

8. Free Standing Bookshelf

Free Standing Bookshelf

Image By: Free Standing Bookshelf

9. Stunning Chair Bookshelf

Stunning Chair Bookshelf

Image By: Stunning Chair Bookshelf

10. DIY Rustic Shelf

DIY Rustic Shelf

Image By: DIY Rustic Shelf

11. Simple Hanging Bookshelves

Simple Hanging Bookshelves

Image By: Simple Hanging Bookshelves

12. Easy Bookshelf Plans

Easy Bookshelf Plans

Image By: Easy Bookshelf Plans

13. Metal Basket Bookshelf

Metal Basket Bookshelf

Image By: Metal Basket Bookshelf

14. Old Pallet Bookshelf

Old Pallet Bookshelf

Image By: Old Pallet Bookshelf

15. DIY Board Bookshelf

DIY Board Bookshelf

Image By: DIY Board Bookshelf

16. Wallpapered Bookshelves

Wallpapered Bookshelves

Image By: Wallpapered Bookshelves

17. Built In Bookshelf DIY

Built In Bookshelf DIY

Image By: Built In Bookshelf DIY