20 Easy Wood Bed Frame Ideas Anybody Can Try

The easy wood bed frame ideas are geared towards allowing homeowners come up with custom beds. If you love making furniture at home, the ideas make it easy for you to design a bed and make it using readily available materials at home.

You don’t need a lot of experience before you can get started, the bed frame ideas are easy to implement. You will come up with a unique bed which will work well in your interior.

Some of the materials you have at home or buy with a dirt cheap price such as the old pallets can make a great bed. Our ideas are displayed in the photos so that you can visualize what you can do in your process of making beds.

There are about 20 designs for you to choose. The availability of many ideas makes it easy for different homeowners to come up with the best beds which they will enjoy having in their homes.

1. Bed Frame Made From Plywood And Moulding

Bed Frame Made From Plywood And Moulding

Image By: Bed Frame Made From Plywood And Moulding

2. DIY Faux Bed Frame

DIY Faux Bed Frame

Image By: DIY Faux Bed Frame

3. Farmhouse Storage Bed

Farmhouse Storage Bed

Image By: Farmhouse Storage Bed

4. DIY Upholstered Bed

DIY Upholstered Bed

Image By: DIY Upholstered Bed

5. Chris’s Bed Frame

Chris's Bed Frame

Image By: Chris’s Bed Frame

6. $30 DIY Bed Frame

$30 DIY Bed Frame

Image By: $30 DIY Bed Frame

7. Simple DIY Palled Bed

Simple DIY Palled Bed

Image By: Simple DIY Palled Bed

8. DIY Memory Foam Mattress Bed

DIY Memory Foam Mattress Bed

Image By: DIY Memory Foam Mattress Bed

9. DIY Storage Bed Rachael And Brad

DIY Storage Bed Rachael And Brad

Image By: DIY Storage Bed Rachael And Brad

10. Low Platform Bed

Low Platform Bed

Image By: Low Platform Bed

11. King Slat Bed

King Slat Bed

Image By: King Slat Bed

12. DIY Poster Bed

DIY Poster Bed

Image By: DIY Poster Bed

13. Calif King Farmhouse Bed

Calif King Farmhouse Bed

Image By: Calif King Farmhouse Bed

14. Upholstered Bed Frame

Upholstered Bed Frame

Image By: Upholstered Bed Frame

15. DIY Headboard and Bed Frame

DIY Headboard and Bed Frame

Image By: DIY Headboard and Bed Frame

16. Modern Upholstered Platform Bed

Modern Upholstered Platform Bed

Image By: Modern Upholstered Platform Bed

17. Completed Headboard, Lighting And Bedframe

Completed Headboard, Lighting And Bedframe

Image By: Completed Headboard, Lighting And Bedframe

18. Boat Bed Frame

Boat Bed Frame

Image By: Boat Bed Frame

19. DIY Simple Bed Frame

Diy Simple Bed Frame

Image By: Diy Simple Bed Frame

20. DIY Farmhouse Bed

DIY Farmhouse Bed

Image By: DIY Farmhouse Bed