25 Outside Bench DIY – Simple Guide To Follow

You may be tired of the old bench at your home and if you are looking for new outside bench DIY to make the new project for renovating your home and garden. We promise, you will never disappoint.

Long time ago I still remembered when I’m a child, my father like to make a table, closed organizer, chair, bench and etc. by himself instead buy these expensive items at the local shop.

After I knew the social media website like Pinterest for a few months ago, the old memory encourages me back to want to make a DIY project again. I found so many ideas in the Pinterest and I’m deciding to gather these amazing plans and share with you a nice idea which I certain you will also love it too.

Very easy to follow for each project, you just click on the link below the picture. All detail with step-by-step, clearly a picture will help you to success those DIY bench projects. If you are ready, read it and just do it. Enjoy!

1. West Elm Knock-Off Bench

West Elm Knock-off Bench

Image By: West Elm Knock-off Bench

2. DIY Colorful Bench

DIY Colorful Bench

Image By: DIY Colorful Bench

3. Bench Around A Tree

Bench Around a Tree

Image By: Bench Around a Tree

4. Pallet Bench Project

Pallet Bench Project

Image By: Pallet Bench Project

5. Garden Wheelbarrow Bench

Garden Wheelbarrow Bench

Image By: Garden Wheelbarrow Bench

6. Turn Headboard To A Bench

Turn Headboard to A Bench

Image By: Turn Headboard to A Bench

7. DIY Outdoor Wood Bench

DIY Outdoor Wood Bench

Image By: DIY Outdoor Wood Bench

8. Modern Planter Bench

Modern Planter Bench

Image By: Modern Planter Bench

9. $20 Wooden Bench

$20 Wooden Bench

Image By: $20 Wooden Bench

10. Stone Outdoor Bench

Stone Outdoor Bench

Image By: Stone Outdoor Bench

11. Log Leg Bench

Log Leg Bench

Image By: Log Leg Bench

12. Kitchen Chairs Tree Bench

Kitchen Chairs Tree Bench

Image By: Kitchen Chairs Tree Bench

13. Repurposed Chairs To Garden Bench

Repurposed Chairs To Garden Bench

Image By: Repurposed Chairs To Garden Bench

14. Picnic Table Benches

Picnic Table Benches

Image By: Picnic Table Benches

15. Block and Wood Bench

Block and Wood Bench

Image By: Block and Wood Bench

16. 2×4 Bench Plans

2×4 bench plans

Image By: 2×4 bench plans

17. Garden Bench With An Old Tailgate

Garden Bench With An Old Tailgate

Image By: Garden Bench With An Old Tailgate

18. Curves Garden Bench

Curves Garden Bench

Image By: Curves Garden Bench

19. Outdoor Storage Bench

Outdoor Storage Bench

Image By: Outdoor Storage Bench

20. Modern Park Bench

Modern Park Bench

Image By: Modern Park Bench

21. DIY Boot Bench

DIY Boot Bench

Image By: DIY Boot Bench

22. DIY Five Board Bench

DIY Five Board Bench

Image By: DIY Five Board Bench

23. Picket Fence Bench

Picket Fence Bench

Image By: Picket Fence Bench

24. Children’s Bench with Arbor

Children's Bench with Arbor

Image By: Children’s Bench with Arbor

25. Box Crib-Style Outdoor Bench

Box Crib-Style Outdoor Bench

Image By: Box Crib-Style Outdoor Bench