Best 22 DIY Bed Ideas To Watch Out For

It’s really important to sleep in a good bed. When we choose the right bed one think must take into some different options to ensure that they can select the right bed for their living situation.

There are numerous DIY bed ideas available for you to choose from. Most people let the size of their room determine the size of their bed. But that’s not the case.

The recommendation is that your bed should be at least 10 centimeters longer than the tallest person sleeping in it. This will ensure that you have enough space to get a relaxing sleep, without having your toes dangling out at the end.

But before working on your bed, it’s important to understand the different types of beds, mattresses, and fillings out there. However, it can be very confusing and the last thing you want to do is to end up sleeping on something that isn’t right for you.

That’s why we have put together 22 DIY bed ideas to help you pick the right option for you. We’ll break the DIY ideas down by size, type and filling to give you the best overview and to help you make an informed decision on what would suit you best.

You can click the link below each picture for seeing the details of DIY project.

1. Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed

Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed

Image By: Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed

2. Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed

Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed

Image By: Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed

3. Platform Bed & Salvaged Door Headboard

Platform Bed & Salvaged Door Headboard

Image By: Platform Bed & Salvaged Door Headboard

4. Easy DIY Platform Bed

Easy DIY Platform Bed

Image By: Easy DIY Platform Bed

5. Modern Wood Platform Bed

Modern Wood Platform Bed

Image By: Modern Wood Platform Bed

6. Chevron Reclaimed Wood Bed

Chevron Reclaimed Wood Bed

Image By: Chevron Reclaimed Wood Bed

7. Platform Bed With Drawers

Platform Bed With Drawers

Image By: Platform Bed With Drawers

8. Storage and Platform Bed

Storage and Platform Bed

Image By: Storage and Platform Bed

9. Expedit Storage Bed

Expedit Storage Bed

Image By: Expedit Storage Bed

10. DIY Murphy Bed

DIY Murphy Bed

Image By: DIY Murphy Bed

11. DIY Bed on Wheels

Image By: DIY Bed on Wheels

12. DIY Canopy Bed

Diy Canopy Bed

Image By: Diy Canopy Bed

13. Beautiful Platform Bed

Beautiful Platform Bed

Image By: Beautiful Platform Bed

14. Full Size Farmhouse Bed

Full Size Farmhouse Bed

Image By: Full Size Farmhouse Bed

15. Floating Platform Bed

Floating Platform Bed

Image By: Floating Platform Bed

16. DIY Hanging Bed

DIY Hanging Bed

Image By: DIY Hanging Bed

17. Pottery Barn Stratton Bed

Pottery Barn Stratton Bed

Image By: Pottery Barn Stratton Bed

18. Platform Bed With Floating Night Stands

Platform Bed With Floating Night Stands

Image By: Platform Bed With Floating Night Stands

19. Big Girl Bed

Big Girl Bed

Image By: Big Girl Bed

20. Santiago Pallet Bed

Santiago Pallet Bed

Image By: Santiago Pallet Bed

21. Twin Storage Bed

Twin Storage Bed

Image By: Twin Storage Bed

22. DIY Easy Bed with Storage


Made Own Bed

Image By: DIY Easy Bed with Storage