How To Build An Ottoman In Your Home?

Looking to make your home look better? While everything counts from a new TV to a new furniture, there are few things like building an Ottoman in your home. They are sure to add in some exquisite charm to your home, one that you are sure to not forget soon.

What is an Ottoman Anyway?

The Ottoman has traveled a long way and has transformed to be one of the most versatile furniture. You can use it to store things or as a coffee table or just to rest your feet.

You can definitely buy one, but there’s more fun in making yourself one. You can learn how to build an Ottoman from the tutorials in our post. We will begin with an easy one and then explore other options. So let’s begin!

How to make an Ottoman?

We will bring you to see a variety of Ottoman that many people like to do, don’t worry, it’s not hard to start off. Are you ready?

Basic Upholstered Coffee Table Ottoman

Upholstered Coffee Table Ottoman

Image: designsponge

Here is the simplest way to create an Ottoman for yourself from a standard furniture. Just get hold of a coffee table, some high density foam, fabric and other supplies make this modern beauty which you can place anywhere in your home.

You just have to pad the coffee table on the top and cover it with fabric – in between comes all the gluing, sewing and fixing tasks. Design Sponge shows you how to go about with pictures for every step.

This can be your first DIY Ottoman project, which you can complete without much sweat! You can also use other furniture in your home that fits the requirement and create beautiful Ottomans out of them! It is a great way to save effort and money.

Classic Storage Ottoman

Classic Storage Ottoman

Image: thisoldhouse

Ottomans are great when it comes to keeping your room organized. You can utilize the storage space and stuff your books, blankets, clothes and whatever you want under the lid.

The classic storage Ottoman is rectangle in shape and you can also sit on top of it. You will use birch plywood as the main material along with 2 inch high density foam and fabric.

This Old House presents a clear and comprehensive blueprint for you to build your storage Ottoman. Each stage is detailed with instructions and accompanying blueprint separately from creating the base for adding the feet and the top. It’s a great piece of utility that you can use any way you seem fit!

How to Build a Foot Rest Ottoman?

You might want to rest your feet on an Ottoman while watching your favorite TV show. We have a simple DIY project which can get the job done in a few hours or less.

Watch this three minute long video from To Be Created to learn how to make an Ottoman which can be done not hard so much. It’s cute and contemporary and will enhance the decor of your house.

Video: Deryck vS

You can make it as colorful or as minimalist as you wish by choosing a fitting fabric and foot colors.

Budget Friendly DIY Pouf Ottoman

DIY Pouf Ottoman

Image: prettyhandygirl

Did you know that you can make Ottoman the same way as bean bags?

Pretty Handy Girl relates her experience when she took on a project to make a DIY pouf Ottoman. You need to get some fabric sew and attach a zip to make a covering.

Next, you can use polystyrene beads or combine it with fiber fill to stuff it up and seal it by closing the zip. If you want a dense pouf remember to use more of beads than fiber fill. You can sit on it or rest your feet as you please!

How to Turn a Drawer into a Stylish Ottoman?

Stylish Ottoman

Image: theownerbuildernetwork

If you have a spare old drawer lying around your house, it is the right time to convert it to a chic storage Ottoman. The Owner Builder Network got hold of a spare drawer and added some foam and upholstery to make a nice Ottoman.

You will only need a few supplies like MDF board, foam, fabric, screws and some table feet. You can make out from the pictures that it is a really easy DIY project and you can complete it in a single day!

Ottoman Made out of Wooden Pallet

Ottoman Made out of Wooden Pallet

Image: bobvila

This one is for people looking to transform their home decor on a budget. If you got a durable wooden pallet then use this tutorial from Bob Vila to turn it into an incredible Ottoman.

The whole project can be completed within $70 so it is quite affordable. You have to do some nailing, drilling and sawing so prepare yourself.

Build Your Own Ottoman

It is evident that you can turn anything into an Ottoman or build one from scratch. Ottomans can be of any size or shape and used for different purposes.

You have the freedom to be innovative and let your creativity run wild to add your own uniqueness to your Ottoman DIY projects.