10 Classic Leather Ottomans – Add Versatile For Your Room Space

How do you choose the right ottoman for your home? The right furniture can make a huge difference in the comfort and style of your home. Leather ottomans are a great way to ensure that your space will work for your family, but it’s important that you choose one that will not only look great, but last for a long time.

We know the importance of quality furniture, which is why we have put together this list with 10 great ottomans that you are sure to love. Any of them will improve the way that your home looks and functions and adds beauty due to made from leather.

1. Simpli Home Owen Coffee Table Ottoman with Storage

Simpli Home Owen Coffee Table Ottoman with Storage

If you want your new ottoman to do double duty in your home, then make sure that it has hidden storage, such as this option from Simpli.

The thin legs add a great detail to the piece and make sure that the ottoman doesn’t appear too heavy when it is surrounded by other pieces of furniture, making this a wonderful ottoman, if you have large pieces in the room that will compete for attention.

2. Renleigh Dove Grey Leather Ottoman, Created for Macy’s

Renleigh Dove Grey Leather Ottoman

Unlike other ottomans which can tend to be dark and visually heavy, this lighter ottoman is a great choice to keep your space light. Renleigh chose an incredible dove gray that will keep your home looking amazing.

Additionally, this lighter leather is very soft to touch, which means that you will love the way that your ottoman looks and also how it feels.

3. Safavieh Hudson Collection Williamsburg Saddle Leather Square Ottoman

Safavieh Hudson Collection Williamsburg Saddle Leather

The fun square shape of this ottoman from Safavieh is great for smaller spaces in your home and will make your living room look a little bit more modern. The light leather will brighten up your space and will keep your ottoman from looking too dark.

Making it a perfect choice if you have a lot of neutral colors in your home. Additionally, there is hidden storage in the ottoman so that you can easily tuck toys and remotes inside when you need to clean in a hurry.

4. Christopher Knight Home Chatham Black Bonded Leather Ottoman

Christopher Knight Home Chatham Black Bonded

While some ottomans are very soft and fluffy, if you want a tighter look in your home, then choose this tufted option from Christopher Knight Home.

This gorgeous ottoman will look perfect in front of a large fireplace or in a smaller living room, as the classic style is attractive and will add a lot of beauty and interest to any space in your home, which is one of the reasons that we love it.

5. Convenience Concepts Times Square Ottoman with Tray Tops

Convenience Concepts Times Square Ottoman

Busy families need furniture that will work overtime and provide them with not only a place to rest their feet, but also a place for snacks and drinks during movie night, which is why this ottoman from Deisgns4Comfort is such a great option.

We love that the four tops, flip up and over to reveal trays on the ottoman so that you can enjoy storage when necessary.

6. INSPIRED by Bassett Augusta Storage Leather Ottoman

Bassett Augusta Storage Leather Ottoman

For a daring look and one that is a little different than your typical square or rectangular ottomans, you can’t go wrong with this round INSPIRED by Bassett option.

Not only are the shape very attractive and appealing, but the brad around the bottom edge of the ottoman will add a lot of interest to the piece and are sure to attract all of the right attention. In addition, the top lifts off for secret storage that you’ll love taking advantage of.

7. Jasper Laine Healy Cream Leather Tufted Ottoman

Jasper Laine Healy Cream Leather Tufted Ottoman

One problem that many people have when buying an ottoman is that they tend to be very visually heavy and can weigh down the room. This ottoman from Jasper Laine Studio doesn’t have that problem due to the thin legs and the light frame of the piece itself.

Not only will you enjoy superior airflow around this ottoman when you choose it for your home, but you won’t have to worry about it weighing down your space and making it feel dark.

8. Safavieh Jasper Round Tray Storage Ottoman

Safavieh Jasper Round Tray Storage Ottoman

We love a splash of bright color in a home, and an ottoman is a great way to add interest and function to your space quickly and easily. This ottoman from Safavieh is bright red and is sure to draw the attention of anyone who comes to visit you.

No matter if you have other red accents in your living room or are going to rely on this ottoman to add the pop of visual interest that you need, you’ll love the interesting round shape, the hidden storage, and the soft feel of the high-quality leather.

9. Coaster Company Tufted Storage Ottoman, Dark Brown

Coaster Company Tufted Storage Ottoman

If you need a lot of storage and want a large enough ottoman that multiple people can use to rest their feet at once, then you need to consider this option from Coaster Company.

We found that not only is it very comfortable to sit on or rest your feet on, but the tufted leather surface is incredibly attractive and will make your home appear more classic and put together, no matter what kind of color or decor scheme you have.

10. Avenell Charcoal Leather Ottoman, Created for Macy’s

Avenell Charcoal Leather Ottoman

If you will be sitting on your ottoman and want it to be as comfortable as possible, then this option from Avenell is a great choice. The extra cushioning is incredibly soft and plush and makes this piece perfect for doubling as extra seating during movie night.

Even if you don’t sit on this ottoman, you are sure to love elevating your feet at the end of a long day.

Any of these 10 gorgeous ottomans are sure to update your space and ensure that it meets your needs and the needs of your family. Buying the right leather ottoman is easy when you are considered one of the options from this our list.