DIY Shoe Rack for Arranging Your Footwear

Do you find your shoes and slippers scattered all over your house? It’s a common problem and you are not the only one. That’s why we have a bright idea for you – Make your own DIY shoe rack!

You don’t need super skills at wood work or anything to make the shoe racks that we have listed prepare for you already.

Roll your sleeves, arrange the supplies and get ready to work! We promise your footwear will be much more organized after you are done!

How To Make A Shoe Rack?

Here is all that you need to know to get started making your own shoe rack. It’s easy and it’s a lot of fun! Pay attention and get started with us now.

PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

Image: cookielovesmilk

You can build this space saving, unique and out of the world shoe rack using PVC pipes. You will have to cut the pipes according to size and glue them together once you decide a formation.

If you want to save the effort of cutting, then you can bet it’s done by a local cutting shop. You are free to come up with any formation you want, but keep in mind the surroundings and space constraints.

Cookie Loves Milk made this shoe rack using a simple formation and a pipe adhesive. The result was quite impressive and you can also get a beauty like this for your home.

Just count the number of pairs you have before you get to buy the pipes or determine the sizes to cut!

Shoe Racks From Wooden Pallets

Shoe Racks From Wooden Pallets

Image: palletlist

We don’t give much thought to wooden pallets but they can be used for a variety of DIY home projects such we will tell you right now.

Pallets can be found anywhere and you can even get it free from shops just by asking. You can turn them to a shoe rack in many innovative ways with your creativity being the only restriction.

Here is a huge collection of ideas from Pallet List with multiple designs for making your very own wooden pallet shoe rack. For most of them you don’t even need to make any adjustments; just placing them appropriately converts them to shoe storage options.

How to Make a Rustic Wooden Crate Shoe Rack?

Rustic Wooden Crate Shoe Rack

Image: livefromjulieshouse

You can make a sophisticated farmhouse style shoe rack from wooden crates making it an affordable option. If you are high on a budget, you can buy the vintage crates from services such as Craiglist, but they can be expensive.

Live From Julie’s House used normal wooden crates instead and weathered them down to get the rustic effect. You can get them for around $10 each and you will need 4 to 6 of them. Get some sandpaper, steel wool and wood stain to get the vintage look.

You can also imprint graphics or designs to look your shoe rack more vintage and classic. The crates can be screwed together and casters at the bottom make it easy to move around.

The result is going to amaze you, but it will take a bit of careful work if you want it perfect. You can also modify the shoe rack to hold key rings or hang other things to make it versatile.

DIY Skateboard Shelf Shoe Rack

Skateboard Shelf Shoe Rack

Image: hometalk

Skateboarding is not just a hobby anymore; you can make trendy shoe racks out of them! Don’t believe us?

Check out the video from Home Talk which shows you how to easily build a shoe rack from skateboards. You don’t need to use new skateboards – use the old ones to do this project. Get some corner braces from the local hardware store along with 2 screws for each base.

Next, follow the video or the detailed steps in the Home Talk guide to make this amazing shoe rack in $30. You can get the whole job done in under an hour.

How to Make a Professional Shoe Rack?

Professional Shoe Rack

Image: homedepot

If you have some woodworking skills, you can try this DIY shoe rack made from wood. It involves many steps and Home Depot Blog does their best to clearly explain each of them.

You can use your own measurement depending on the specification of your property without blindly following the instructions. Just make sure they maintain symmetry.

The beautiful shoe rack consists of different layers of shelves and appears beautiful along with organizing your shoes. The casters at the bottom make it easy to move around and you can use the top to keep anything you want.

Begin Your DIY Shoe Rack Project

You have endless choices of material and design when it comes to making shoe racks. You can even hang them from the wall using a rope and cloth hangers.

Use your imagination on any of the DIY projects listed here and get your shoes disciplined!