DIY Sofa Table – Easy Handmade Furniture

Are you planning to refurbish your room? A sofa table is an essential element of a modern drawing room because it helps make our lives much easier.

You do not have to move around looking for your cup of coffee or the book you were reading once you are settled, because they will be right beside you. While you can purchase sofa tables from online and offline furniture shops, making a DIY project is more fascinating.

It’s not just hours of fun that you are looking at but a sofa table that is sure to add into the room decor. Once you gather all the supplies, from now you have to do is put in some hard work and voila! Your DIY sofa table will be ready for use.

How Do You Build A Rustic Sofa Table?

A Rustic Sofa Table

Image: worthingcourtblog

When making your sofa table, you should be conscious of matching it to the overall decor of your drawing room. If you find the idea of a rustic table appealing, then learn how to build one from Suzy.

Her tutorial is easy and cheap which means that you will save both time and money. She has placed the table behind her sofa for convenience. Apart from wood, all you will need is a wood stain, a drill or screwdriver, a saw, wood glue, a level, clamps and wood screws.

You have to start by staining the pieces of wood, form the legs and then put the table together. The process is simple, even for a beginner.

Make A Sturdy Sofa Table!

Sturdy Sofa Table

Image: liagriffith

If you want to make sure that your sofa table is sturdy and can carry a lot of weight, then opting for a concrete top might just be the solution you have been looking for. Recently, a number of interior decorators have started using concrete extensively.

Lia Griffith uses wood moulding, plywood, wire mesh, screws, concrete mix, stain coating, sandpaper and concrete seal. The final result is excellent and you should definitely try it out.

You will have full control over the colour and size of the table to be created. Moreover, the design is extremely versatile which means you can use it a number of ways.

How About A Double X Console Table?

A Double X Console Table

Image: remodelaholic

Amy Baesler presents a handy tutorial on how to build a sleep sofa table that will impress your guests. This is primarily a console table, but can easily be used as a sofa table. The legs are shaped in the form of an X which gives it a unique touch.

Since it will be your own pet project, you can divide the length of the table. Measure your sofa and decide the dimensions of the sofa table accordingly. You will need a number of wooden boards of a variety of sizes, screws, sandpaper, wood filler, glue and paint.

Her tutorial gives you detailed instructions on how to go about it.

Want Your Very Own Sofa Armrest Side Table?

Sofa Armrest Side Table

Image: remodelaholic

Do your arms hurt when you are sitting on your sofa at a stretch? Build your own DIY sofa that also serves as an armrest. You will be surprised at how comfortable your binge-watching sessions will become when you have a handcrafted tray table stand.

You can build it with storage pockets so that the dual purpose is served. Remodel Aholic shows you an easy way to build this sofa table from scratch. You will get the required supplies in any furniture-making store after which all you need to is devote a little bit of time.

What Other Features Do You Need?

Easy Diy Sofa Tables

Image: heathershandmadelife

Ask yourself if you need anything more from your sofa table. For instance, if you are looking to save on space, you might want your DIY sofa table to be able to slide down your couch. It’s a great space saver and ideal if you are living in the cities with a premium for space.

Heathers Handmade Life has some great ideas for this. You might even want to build in electrical sockets right in your sofa table – while there are a lot of things to do, it is important to plan things out from before.

Building the Right DIY Sofa Table

If you are looking to build your own sofa table, you would love the fact that you can customize it just the way you want. However, unless you focus on the basics it is easy to go wrong, something you would want to avoid.

Let’s put down pen to paper and start building a sofa table everyone will just fall in love with!