How to Find Great Ideas for Do It Yourself Sofa

The living room is always the first impression of a house, and therefore, it is important for any living room to be appealing to the sight. However, that cannot be complete without a set of sofas. But a great drawback to sofas is that they are costly and we often shun from buying them.

However, the good news is, there are easier ways to make your own sofas. The following are ways on how to make yourself a sofa using readily available materials.

How to Make The Ikea Couch?

According to the treasuresandtravelsblog, first of all you need to buy a simple bed frame from Ikea and with the help of a saw, cut off the backrest of the bed.



  • Measure the bed and find a plywood with exact measurements that can perfectly fit on the lateral side of the bed.
  • Attach the plywood to the lateral side of the bed with the help of a driller.
  • Use the glue to attach a cushion wide enough to cover the plywood going backward to form a headrest.
  • Use fine linen to cover the cushion and the plywood and then get large staple pins to fasten it onto the cushion.
  • Find a good high-density mattress and place it on the frame of the bed.
  • Using the same type of linen, cover the mattress and make sure you tuck it into the mattress so that it is uniformly fitted.
  • Find a good place to set the couch is placed at one point in a house since it is not easily movable.
  • Pillows can be placed on the sofa, to add a final touch and make it more comfortable.

How to Make The Storage Sofa?

ANA WHITE says that her sister had told her she needed an inexpensive sofa, but she could not find one in the stores. She gave her an idea that they could make their sofa using simple equipment that she had in her backyard some included wood carts.

She had the idea to make a sofa that could be used for sitting, sleeping, and also be used for storing bedding. Hence, that is the reason for name of storage sofa.



Material needed: Cushion, Fine Linen, Two pillows, Wood glue, Screws, Plywood, Burlap and Wood Carts

  • Make the backrest by screwing the plywood to wooden frames and finishing with the application of wood glue.
  • Cover the behind section that is not covered with plywood with burlap and make sure that it is tightly fitting.
  • To make the storage sections, measure the length of the backrest, and the same length should correspond to that of the storage section.
  • The storage section should have two compartments separated by a wood plank.
  • Take another flat plywood and fix it to the edge of the storage compartment using hinges so that it can open and close.
  • Cut a piece of cushion corresponding in size to the plywood and attach it with the plywood using wood glue.
  • Cover the cushion with linen and use large staple pins to fit it tightly onto the plywood.
  • Lastly, make the base of the sofa, and the sofa is ready to be used.

Remark: You can add pillows to the sofa to make it more comfortable. Bedding are placed in the storage compartment and are retrieved when they are needed.

These are just a sample of how to build your sofas from the leftover materials of your home, saving you extra expenditures. In the current generation where wants are increasing, it is important to reduce expenditure by being innovative, cuts on extra costs which can be put into more important use.