8 Modern Daybeds That Creating A Cozy Atmosphere in Your Space

How do you buy furniture that will multitask? One of the best ways to make sure that you have the right furniture for your home, without having to buy multiple pieces, is to make sure that you buy furniture that can provide you with multiple uses.

Great modern daybeds don’t just give guests a place to sleep when they are over at your home, they also provide extra seating. They are an attractive piece of furniture that will fit with your modern decor.

We found eight great daybeds that are fresh, modern, and will look incredible in your space, so check them out.

1. Better Homes & Gardens Decorative Modern Daybed

Gardens Decorative Modern Daybed

With a bright white frame, intricate designs along the back of the daybed, and a trundle bed that is easy to move in and out from under the bed, there are a lot of things to love about this option from Better Homes & Gardens.

In addition to being incredibly attractive, you’ll love how easy it is to move this daybed from one area to another, as it is surprisingly lightweight.

This means that as your room decor changes and adjusts that you can easily move the daybed to a new area in your home and it will still look great.

2. Latitude Run Lawrence Contemporary Daybed

Latitude Run Lawrence Contemporary Daybed

Not only is this daybed incredibly comfortable for reading, watching TV, and sleeping, but it also has such thin metal bars that you won’t have to worry about it appearing to weigh down your home.

While some modern furniture looks very heavy, this daybed from Latitude Run is a great option for a smaller home, as you won’t have to worry about the space appearing dark or cluttered.

Additionally, you can slip a trundle bed underneath if you need more places for people to sleep.

3. Harper & Bright Designs Modern Solid Wood Daybed

Harper & Bright Designs Modern Solid Wood Daybed

If you love the modern look of clean and straight lines, but have a lot of wood in your home and prefer the dark and rich color that this will add to your space, then you may want to skip a metal daybed and choose one that has a solid wood frame.

You can easily opt for a stain in a number of different shades so that you don’t have to worry about how the bed will look and if it will match your decor. This option from Harper&Bright Designs is attractive, durable, and will integrate easily into your home.

4. DHP Astoria Upholstered Daybed with Trundle

DHP Astoria Upholstered Daybed

A modern daybed doesn’t have to be bare with lots of exposed metal or wood, as this option from DHP proves. The black metal frame and the black upholstery work well together to create a cohesive look that will be a stunning focal point in your home.

While it has the overall aesthetic appeal of a modern daybed, this look is new and fresh thanks to the solid sides and faux leather back. Perfect for a home with lots of contrasts, the black will make other colors in your home pop.

We love how easily the trundle slides under the daybed and back out, making housing overnight guests a breeze.

5. DHP Tribeca Twin Silver Daybed

DHP Tribeca Twin Silver Daybed

If you love the way that modern furniture looks and you tend to have an industrial vibe in your home, then you are sure to love this daybed from DHP. Unlike some other modern options that don’t embrace the beautiful aesthetics of metal, the exposed metal on this option is striking.

The fine, straight lines are sure to look clean and modern in your home, so that you don’t have to worry about how this piece of furniture will fit into your space and if it will improve the overall look of your house.

6. Belham Living Somerton High-Gloss Daybed

Belham Living Somerton High-Gloss Daybed

While the carbon steel frame of this daybed from Belham Living ensures the daybed is sturdy, durable, and incredibly light, the design itself is incredibly modern and updated.

The x-back of the daybed is attractive, and because the rose gold of the metal itself is so highly mirrored, it produces a glossy effect that is very attractive.

This is not a daybed that is going to fade into the background of your room – rather it is going to be the star and is sure to draw a lot of attention, so make sure that you are ready to let it be the focal point of your modern room.

7. Hodedah Imports Metal Crossback Daybed

Hodedah Imports Metal Crossback Daybed

There is often a problem when buying a daybed that is modern, and that is that any sort of ornamental metal work can prevent the daybed from appearing as modern as possible.

This option from Hodedah Imports manages to have some metal work, without losing the modern appearance.

The strong metal frame is available in black, charcoal, and ivory, all of which will look very modern in your space and will provide you with a supportive place to sit or sleep.

8. Zinus Santa Fe Metal & Wood Daybed

Zinus Santa Fe Metal & Wood Daybed

Unlike many other daybeds that are modern or contemporary in style, this option from Zinus not only has steel, but also gorgeous wood that works together to create a unique and modern look.

We love that it is a little bit warmer in appearance than some other modern options, which means that it can fit into your home without you having to radically update your decor, even if you haven’t fully embraced a modern aesthetic. Pair it with neutral linens for a look that is crisp, clean, and sure to impress anyone who visits your home.

The right daybed can be a blessing for you and your family, which is why you need to make sure that you take your time when shopping for this piece of furniture. If you have a modern aesthetic in your home, then make sure to consider one of these eight great options.

They are a wonderful way to begin including modern pieces throughout your house or they will work well in a home where a modern style is already well established.