7 Narrow Dressers for Small Spaces You Need to Consider

What do you do when you need more space in your room? Just because you don’t have a lot of space in your room for furniture doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to have a dresser.

Not only does a dresser provide you with a place to store your clothes, but it is also a great place to display photographs or other knick-knacks.

These great narrow dressers for small spaces may be just what you need to improve the function of your room. We worked hard to find some dressers that will fit easily into your small space, so check out these options and you’re sure to find one that will work for you!

1. Prepac Black Sonoma Tall Chest

Prepac Black Sonoma Tall Chest

You’re sure to love the details on this dresser. Even though you may not think that narrow dressers will have a lot of room for design and detail, this option from Prepac will prove you wrong.

Not only are there a generous six drawers for you to store all of your clothes and other belongings, but the base panel is gently arched, the top curves to mimic the bottom, and the brushed nickel knobs are all heavy in your hand.

You can stay safe when using this dresser thanks to the tipping restraint, and the black is sure to add visual interest to the piece, keeping it from blending in with the room.

2. Tvilum Aurora Narrow Five-Drawer Dresser

Tvilum Aurora Narrow Five-Drawer Dresser

The slim profile of this Tvilum Aurora dresser is easy to assemble and to keep clean, as you can simply wipe it down if it gets dirty. This means that you will spend a lot less time cleaning your room and you can spend more time enjoying your friends and family.

The five drawers are very deep and provide ample room for even bulky sweaters without being too difficult to open or to close.

Additionally, the flat fronts of the drawers make it appear a little minimalist, which can be a great style for a piece of furniture that is designed specifically so that it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your space.

3. Venture Horizon Six-Drawer Lingerie Bureau

Venture Horizon Six-Drawer Lingerie Bureau

Perfect for small spaces, this Venture Horizon dresser is narrow enough to fit between your bed and the wall, no matter how little room you have for storage or moving around in your bedroom.

The drawers are shockingly roomy, and since they are removable, you can take one to your bed if you are having trouble finding a certain piece of clothing. We like that there are five different colors that you can choose from, so that you can match the dresser to other pieces of furniture in your room if you desire.

The cup pulls on the drawers are easy for everyone to operate, which makes this piece a wonderful option for anyone, regardless of their age.

4. Beachcrest Home Bryant Five-Drawer Lingerie Chest

Beachcrest Home Bryant Five-Drawer Lingerie Chest

No matter what you need to store in your new dresser, this option from Beachcrest Home will ensure that your items are neatly stored and are safe. The slim design ensures that it can easily fit by your bed or in a spare space in your living room, if you prefer.

Thanks to the clean lines and round knobs, this piece can fit in with most any decor in your home, so you are not limited if you have chosen a very specific style. The solid colors available are all attractive and neutral, making it easy for you to find a space for it.

5. Prepac Seven-Drawer Tall Chest

Prepac Seven-Drawer Tall Chest

If you want to enjoy the natural grain of wood and still add storage to a smaller space in your home, then you can’t go wrong with this option from Prepac.

It is hard to run out of the room when you have seven drawers to choose from, and because you can pick matched knobs or chrome-colored ones, you will have a little more control over the way that your furniture looks.

The drawers all have safety stops on them so that you won’t have to worry about pulling them out of the dresser, which is a feature that we really love and think families with young children will, too.

6. South Shore Step One Six-Drawer Chest

South Shore Step One Six-Drawer Chest

The pure white finish of this great dresser is sure to brighten up your space, which is really important if you have a small room and are worried about it appearing too dark and cluttered.

The dresser is made of engineered wood and is solidly constructed so that no matter how many times you relocate this piece throughout your home, you don’t have to worry about it falling apart.

With six drawers, you are sure to be able to store all of your clothing within easy reach, and the metal slides inside the drawers will prevent them from getting stuck. South Shore understands the need for a stylish narrow dresser and created a great option.

7. Venture Horizon Nouvelle 8-Drawer Lingerie Bureau

The elegant design of this dresser is unmatched by others that you can buy on the market and will add a lot of interest and storage to your space, no matter how small your room is. Venture Horizon understands that the details in their pieces matter, and that’s why this dresser has such an elegant design and is lifted a few inches up off of the floor to give a greater illusion of it being light and airy.

The drawers slide easily in their boxes so that you don’t have to struggle with them when you are using the dresser, and the piece itself is dainty enough as to not be an eyesore in your room.

When you are ready to improve the storage in your home and want a great dresser to work in small spaces, then consider one of these taller and narrow options. They are great in any home and will help you improve the storage in your home without having to sacrifice style. They are a great addition to any home and will allow you to make the best use out of your space.