Should You Opt for Outdoor Bench Seats?

If you are thinking of creating an entertainment spot in your garden, or perhaps just a quiet reading space, outdoor bench seats are a great idea for any outdoor space.

Since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can easily fit into any corner and can add a whole new look to your backyard or garden with their different textures, designs and colours.

Taking a break in your outdoor bench seat has several health benefits, reports GreenScapenic, including boosting creativity and concentration levels.

The Benefits of Having Outdoor Benches.

Here is a look at what might work for you with outdoor benches.

Saves space:

It might sound surprising, but These Benches are Designed to enable people to sit closely, thereby saving space. Not only that, but these benches are available in different designs and while they do save space, it ensures that those sitting on it are comfortable.

Adds a whole new look:

These benches make the surrounding outdoor space look fancier even when nobody is using them and look more inviting. They also blend easily with the surroundings and tend to serve both the utility and decorative factors.

Easy on the pocket:

They generally tend to be worth the money that is spent on getting them, thanks to the practicality and good design that most of them sport. Since these benches are sturdy, they are also long lasting and, thus, give you better returns.

Benefits of Outdoor Benches

Types of Outdoor Bench Seats

According to Today Homeowner website, it is advisable to select bench seats that are made of wood. They are usually made up of a whole range of materials, but wood is the most recommended one since it has a natural texture, is tough and durable.

1. Acacia:

This tough and dense wood is generally used in boat building and is also a good choice for those who wish to go for an eco-friendly style of living. If you are opting for Acacia, ensure you get the furniture sealed so that the rich, golden brown color of the wood lasts longer.

2. Cedar:

This is a lightweight wood, so if you plan on moving around your furniture, this makes an ideal choice. Since both the western cedar and the northern white ones have resins in them, it is resistant to insects and incidents of rotting.

You can easily get it painted if you want the bench to match any specific color. However, there are a few disadvantages – it retains moisture, which makes it prone to cracking and since it is a soft kind of wood, it will bend and scratch more easily.

3. Redwood:

This makes for fantastic benches as the wood is long lasting and ages well. It is resistant to insects and rotting, just like cedar. In addition to all this, it is famous for its stability and its capability of not shrinking over the years.

The rich, deep brown beauty of the redwood can be preserved by applying a coat of clear sealer. Another advantage of sealing it with a clear coat is that it prevents your outfits from getting stained if you sit on it.

Types of Outdoor Bench Seats


4. Teak:

Teak is a wood that has a tight grain and natural oils. All you need is teak oil to preserve the beauty of this wood that is a world-famous choice when it comes to outdoor furniture.

It has all the features that one can wish for : it is resistant to insects and shrinking, it does not absorb moisture, ages well and is extremely tough and durable.

5. Cypress:

This wood does not need any sealer to be applied, but applying it once in a while will keep it looking fresh and new. Moreover, since it acquires a silver tinge as it ages, applying a coat is a good idea.

Because of a natural preservative that is found in Cypress, it is resistant to attacks from insects, does not swell, shrink or rot easily.

All these factors make it an extremely loved wood when it comes to outdoor furniture, however, this wood is limited in supply, due to the limited availability of trees.

One Tip to Remember:

While selecting wood for outdoor furniture, remember that the darker coloured heartwood that is found near the centre of the tree is a far better choice than the sapwood.

Always mention “all heart materials” while choosing the wood that will go into manufacturing the benches that you plan on using outdoor. As a buyer, you will have to decide what is more important to you.

The budget? Or the longevity? Once you have arranged your choices in order of your priority, then go for the designs as one important factor that these benches have to tick off is adding a whole new look to your outdoor space.