Best Ideas to Store Your Shoes With Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

A place to store your shoes without them being in the way has long been a problem for many people, but with a great wall mounted shoe rack, that won’t be an issue any longer.

We have done all of the research for you so that you don’t need to worry about how or where you are going to store your shoes.

These 8 great options are sure to help you save space and ensure that your home looks neat and picked up. Keep your shoes in easy reach, and prevent accidents from happening by storing them on a rack on the wall.

1. MyGift Wall Mounted Black Metal Shoe Rack

MyGift Wall Mounted Black Metal Shoe Rack

This metal shoe rack has a classic black finish that will ensure that it looks great in any room of your home. You’re sure to love that you can place 18 pairs of shoes on the rack without them being cramped or looking messy, which makes this a great choice for any family who has to worry about how to corral multiple pairs of shoes from multiple family members.

This MyGift rack attaches easily and firmly to the wall so that there isn’t any danger of it coming loose and falling off, even when you store heavier shoes or boots on the rack.

2. j-me Horizontal Stainless Steel Wall-Mount Shoe Rack

j-me Horizontal Stainless Steel

This is a great way to store your shoes on the wall and will add interest to your space. Although the j-me rack doesn’t hold as many shoes as other racks do, it is incredibly attractive and will add visual interest to your space.

Additionally, because you can hang multiple racks so close together on the wall, you can easily maximize the space that you use.

The supplied screws make it very easy to attach these racks to the wall without having to worry about causing a lot of permanent damage to the wall. The small racks can hold up to four pairs of shoes, while the larger ones hold up to seven.

3. Esdella Shoes Rack Organizer Mounted Wall Storage Holder

Esdella Shoes Rack Organizer Mounted

For a more minimal look in your home, this Esdella organizer is perfect. If you only have a few pairs of shoes, then you will love the simplicity with which you can hang them on the wall and get them up and off of the floor.

There are three different ways for you to choose to install these racks on the wall, which ensures that you can make the process as easy as possible and limit any damage to your wall.

While ideal for sneakers, shorter boots can easily fit inside of this rack, providing you with plenty of space on the floor of your closet.

4. Easy Track Wall Mounted 15-Pair Shoe Rack

Easy Track Wall Mounted 15-Pair Shoe Rack

Unlike other shoe racks on the market that may look a little flimsy, this rack from Easy Track is designed to be incredibly sturdy and to last for a longer period of time. It looks like a permanent fixture in your home and will keep all of your shoes neat and off of the floor.

The crisp white color brightens up your space, while the open air in the back of each shelf allows for circulation so that you don’t have to worry about a bad smell.

5. Elosdecor Wooden Entryway Shoe Rack

Elosdecor Wooden Entryway Shoe Rack

If you only have a few pairs of shoes that you are going to have to store on the wall, then having a custom-made rack is a good idea, as this will ensure that you don’t have a rack that is too large for your space. Made of wood and metal, these racks are going to last for a long time.

Elosdecor can provide you with a rack in the right size for your space, which is great if you have an odd location where you want to put your new rack and are worried about it fitting.

6. RACK EM Racks 4 Pair Boot Rack

RACK EM Racks 4 Pair Boot Rack

Hanging your boots out of the way can be tricky, as they tend to be much heavier than other pairs of shoes. This steel boot rack from RACK EM is durable enough to stand up to even wet boots without bending out of shape.

Unlike other types of shoe racks, this rack is sturdy enough to stand up to the weight of multiple pairs of boots without any problems.

You’ll love all of the air circulation that you can get with this rack, and you won’t ever have to worry about shoes or boots staying damp, which can cause mold and other problems.

7. ShelfTrack 10-Pair Nickel Adjustable Shoe Organizer

ShelfTrack 10-Pair Nickel Adjustable Shoe Organizer

Because your shoes are going to change over time, having a shoe rack that is adjustable is a great idea. This means that you will be able to change your storage to fit your flats or your boots without a lot of hassle. This adjustable option from ShelfTrack is a great choice.

Both the width and depth of these shelves can be adjusted, allowing you complete control over how you store your shoes and making it easy to keep them off of the floor.

8. TheMetalHouse Slim Line White Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

TheMetalHouse Slim Line White

Made of steel that is powder coated to be a bright white that won’t scuff or fade, this rack from TheMetalHouse is sure to last a long time. It’s a great option for when you only need to hang two pairs of shoes and want to ensure that your storage is stylish and modern.

You can save a lot of space with this rack and won’t have to worry about it detracting from the beauty or design of your room, making it a great option in most any home.

With the right shoe rack, you can keep your floor neat and tidy, as well as free of extra pairs of shoes that will get in the way and become a trip hazard. We have found that these eight options are all perfect for any home, depending on how many shoes that you have, as well as whether you want to store them in plain sight or out of view.